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Pack Description[]

This Package feautres a custom MainMenu with future updates. It requires some manually Installation due to pre-alpha state, but it's a one time installation.

For faster game start, website support and other features, you need to use the enhancment program UT4UU, but you don't have to. The menu works fine without it.

For full features you need to download the UTCCpack ,it has UT4UU included.

The pack features a starting picture, intro, mainmenu with character backgrounds depending on month and date(soon). More clearly UI, switchable background and new buttons. Let's see what more will come.

UT4UU still has problems: Two authentication way is blocked and it can cause crashes. That's why you have to enable it manually so far by console command: uu blueprintsupport canenable 1


Unreal Tournament 4 Main Menu

Pack Installation for MainMenu[]

  1. Changing .ini files

    Go to ...Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config
    Add the following lines to the specific ini. files
  2. Engine.ini
  3. Game.ini

  4. save these files
  5. Add the pak from https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/content/1153-UTCC-Menu like a normal map - UTCC-Menu-WindowsNoEditor.pak to your ....UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\DownloadedPaks

  6. Go to ...UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Content
    This is not your usually Content folder, where you put maps. It's the UT game Content folder.
    You should find the folders Movies, Paks and Splash
    UTgame content.jpg

  7. Go to Splash and replace the splash.bmp, which you downloaded with the UTCCPack

  8. Go to Movies and place the Videos and the UTCCMenu folder inside, which you downloaded with the UTCCPack
    Yes, you can replace the engine_startup.mp4, just rename the old one randomly, if you want to keep it


Thats it. For an update you replace the .pak as usual and add Videos to Movies folder. Everything else is done. Further installation is on the UT4UU, but the program is not needed for the MainMenu