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This wiki will cover information about content made by creators and developers of the unreal tournament fanbase for all UT games. This includes mutators, maps, mods, programs, weapons, skins and other content. Every creator can make his own wikipage for his content with downloadlink or add his part of changed content to an exsiting page.

Unreal Tournament Games

Unreal Tournament 99 Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2004 Unreal Tournament 3 Unreal Tournament 4

For Players

Feel free to explore, discover and download new or old content for your Unreal Tournament Game, no matter if it's a gamemode, map or mutator.

For Creators

Every content creator is welcome to participate on this wiki. Each category has templates, so its easy do write your own page. Just take a quick look on Tutorial and read a quick guide, then browse to the content you wanna add and take a look at the example page. Now you can add your content on "New Page" top right corner. Please note, this wiki is not for early prototypes or early WIP maps. If you feel like your work is ready to be played well on a server, you can add it to this wiki.

For maps, you could write a description, story, add a gallery or if it's a remake with the same layout, you can combine old and new maps under the same name. Specially for gamemodes this site is important. Instead of switching from blog to blog, you can explain here nice and easy how to use, install and make new maps for your gamemode, beside what is it about. Same for mutators, skins etc. Another positive feature here, the download-links are all in one place. Before it was on UTCC, some on utzone, unrealcentral. But combining all those in one wiki for each content can be useful for the future.

Becoming a creator

The unreal tournament community is searching constantly for new creators on different fields. If you are interested in participating, feel free to contact us in discord in the official UT discord and we help you out in finding your way. Making new content, beeing active and social, sharing creativity and making progress in the game devlopment process together is the main purpose.

  • Mappers: Create or port your own maps, get feedback and learn to make a living world in Unreal Engine
  • Modders: Create or rebuild your own program or mod. No matter if it's a new mod or recreating old ones, the new blueprint system is easy to learn.
  • Server admin: Create your own hub for the community, manage players and share community content there.
  • Streamers: Stream public events like tournaments, big matches or new maps, mods and mutators.
  • Content site admin: Build your own content site, like a statistic page, news page, community forum or clan page.

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